Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Have a Visitor!!!!

The 1992 Peugot 106 rolled up to the Blagnac airport to pick up my first visitor to France from America. Big thanks go out to Kerry for providing the chariot to pick up visitor.Who wouldn't want to see this guy waiting for them at the airport after 23 hours of travel from Arkansas to Toulouse. It's true, I Heart Kristen Jessup.
But, let it be known that I Heart Kristen Jessup even more in person! I enjoyed our 4 month relationship on SKYPE, but I never want to talk to my fiance through a web camera ever again! Let the adventures in France begin!


susan jessup said...

You guys are soooooooooo sweet, I think I am going to cry! All I can say for you and your sign Scott is you must be "crazy" in love with KJ (soon to be KW)! Have fun, Susan

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you guys! That was sooo cute Scott. Can't wait to see you both again! Enjoy your time together!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog. So when are you coming to BC to whip up dinner and give Ed more wine tips. He is hoarding some 2005 Bordeaux that we can afford this year. Last year, he got Trappist beer from Brussels for some home brewing. We spent Thanksgiving there and ate moules et frit instead of turkey and gravy.