Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Specialties of the French Alps!

My time was short in Grenoble so I only had a brief chance to enjoy the cuisine of the French Alps. To celebrate Father's Day, I decided to go with the grilled steak option on the plat du jour at a local brassiere. Filet entrocote avec marinade de vin (sirloin with a wine marinade) and riz (rice). Accompanied with a Mondeuse Savoie. No big California Cabernet was available on the Carte de vin verre (wine by the glass menu). Not really a French lunch, but I was about to pass out as nothing was open on Father's Day Sunday.
This salad tops the Lyonnaise salad back in Lyon as my new favorite! Ravioles en Salade. Ravioles al dente with herbs, fromage de Comte, mixed green lettuce, and aioli vinagarette. Incredible. Best salad yet in France. Grenoble has a huge Italian influence and pasta's and ravioli's are as much a part of the French Alps as they are in Italy.
Gratin de Crozets aux Diots. Small pasta's broiled in cheese, milk, and cream with pork sausage cooked in wine. Think gourmet mac&cheese with sausages! I walked about 30 miles and still gained weight eating this! A very nice Jongieux Gamay de Savoie helped wipe the fat off my tongue in between bites. This cuisine is famous for feeding the locals, who fight the brutal winters of the Alps. Fondue is world famous here, but a minimum of two people must order it as it takes a lot of expensive cheese to make that melted goodness. Maybe I will have a travel partner soon and we can enjoy that experience together!
My camera is never good at taking dessert pictures because I either show off the beautiful, fresh chantilly without the flash (whipped cream), or show of the lucious chocolate tarte with a bright white halo over its crust. Dessert des peres Chartreux. Tarte chocolat, glace chartreuse, and liqueur de chartreuse with chantilly. Chartreuse is an herb-spiced based liqueur made by Chartreuse Monks in the Savoie. Taste and looks like poison Gatorade, but then again it is a digestif! Thanks go out to Les 2 Savoie for preparing all this food so fast so I could take a memory home with me before my train left in 45 minutes. Luckily it was an overnight train and I slept like a baby after this gourmand meal!

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