Thursday, June 19, 2008

Manade Tournebelle!

So Madame and I had scheduled a trip with her Lyon's Club a couple months ago to visit the famous fighting bull area near Narbonne. This part of France is world-famous for providing the fighting bulls for bull fights in both Spain and France. I keep forgeting that Madame's friends are all 80 years old or older and the collective age for the bus for this trip was calculated to be near 3,760 years if you included the 53 year old bus driver (Yes, I asked!).
From Toulouse to Narbonne by bus, then from Narbonne to the fighting bull farm by boat on the Canal du Midi. Notice how the silver-hair shines in the French sunlight Notice how it is 80 degrees, but the pull-over sweaters are out in full force. I love old people! The canal was a great way to see the beautiful landscape of this region, and a welcome day of relaxation away from Toulouse.
This guy hopes to be lucky enough to gore a matador someday.....................................
...........................his friend was unlucky, as I gorged myself on this Gardianne de Taureau (local bull meat marinated and cooked in wine slowly for 2 days with a secret sauce of chocolat and herbs). Throw in some pomme de terre (potato wedges) dusted with paprika and you have an excellent "Cowboy Lunch."
Don't forget it is Narbonne and we are right on the Mediterranean sea. Here are some moules a la tole. Mussels roasted and served with garlic, oil, and parsley. Throw in a little local Minervois rosé and vin rouge and you have a country-style dejuner that I will not forget for a long time.

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