Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinner with ART

I started a new job as an English tutor for the lady who run's the ART association which places students in housing here in Toulouse (including me!). Isabelle had invited me to dinner with her family to spend some time with her 17-year old son Vincent who leaves for a summer job at a restaurant in Scotland. My name is Scott, I speak English, and I love to eat so I took her up on the offer. Her family is from Montpellier so her cooking mirrors the Provencal style cooking methods that are oh so healthier than the butter and duck fat cusine of Southwest France. Ratatouille! Finally some fresh, nice ratatouille that isn't from the school cafeteria. Casserole of courgette (zuchinni), oignons (onions), aubergine (eggplant), crushed tomates, green peppers and olive oil baked and presented in earthenware.
The plat principale was a hollow puff pastry filled with cabillaud (cod) and crevettes (shrimp) with a white wine cream sauce. Remy, her husband, loves the fact that I am interested in wine so he presented a very nice 2001 Bordeaux Grave sec blanc (white) to accompany our meal. I didn't take a picture of the tarte tatin (upside-down apple pie) with creme anglaise (egg yolk, sugar, and cream), but I have to leave some things to my readers imagination.

This probably could have been left up to your imagination but it tasted so much better than it looked. Basically a stew of lamb (or mutton), potatoes, carrots, and I am sure a little bit of southwest France butter. Looks terrible, but tastes superb. Paired with a Cahors Carte Noire (black wine, Malbec grape) that I won at my first bike race!

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