Monday, June 23, 2008

Restaurant Review: La Gouaille in Toulouse

So, I have been scouting out restaurants in Toulouse and asked for some opinions from locals and I came up with La Gouaille. Kerry and Hilarie Campbell and I attended the restaurant and we were not disappointed. Bravo to Olivier from IFV for the suggestion. Salad du jour. Fish salad with tomatoes, cucumber, lemon zest, and a mustard vinegarette.
Travers de porc au miel. Honey and brown sugar glazed pork riblets with potato, small vegetables, and petit salad.
Assiette Vegetarienne (Hilarie's). Braised endive, tomato, vegetable tarte, chevre chaud, assorted fruits, rice, and green beans.
Camembert Roti et Son Maigre de Cochon (Kerry's). Big camembert wheel baked in the oven with some cream and spices and then smoked bacon slices and bits served with a small salad and pototes.
Nothing goes better with local French cuisine than local French wine. Fronton is a region north of Toulouse and Le Roc produces a very nice red wine to compliment any dish of this region.

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