Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chef Peter Leppin

This is Peter's last week in Madame Luthie's house so he decided to make us an authentic German dinner as a farewell.
First Course: Salad with a creamy German home-made dressing. I bought a Grand Cru Reserve Vin d'Alsace Riesling (13 Euros) that was a beautiful wine, and went great with the meal. Slightly sweet, with a dry bite, and tons of floral flavors. The most expensive wine I have purchased in France and it blew my socks off. I better hold the wallet in check cause maybe I have found a whole new experience with expensive French wines that I can't afford :)
Entree: Madame Luthie provided a Potato Soup with creme fraiche and saucisse confit. The saucisse was rillette of porc cooked in duck fat (shredded dry, pork).
Plat Principal: Saumon fillet with a herbed cream sauce, creme epinards (creamed spinach), and riz (rice).
Dessert: Broken pieces of meringue (stiff egg whites and sugar), framboise (red raspberries from ML's garden), and chantilly (whipped cream). Way to go Peter, tres bonne! See you in Berlin soon for a repeat performance. A'bientot.

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