Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to America!!!

So, after Kristen came we took off on our European adventure. We started off with the Bordeaux Wine Festival, then Strasborg, France. We then jumped the border to Berlin to visit my old roommate Peter and we also stayed with his family in Sauren, Germany. From there down to Dresden, Germany for two days before crossing over to Prutz, Austria to visit the original Walnofer's. After two days, we continued down to Italy and went to Venice and Genova. Soon we were back in France to see Monti-Carlo, Monaco, and Nice, France, and Avignon, France. Back to Toulouse to see the Tour de France on the boulevard Jean Jaures, then we train hopped over to Lourdes, France to visit my other roomate Jean-Michel and caught the mountain stage of the TOUR on the famous Hautacam climb (Congrats Piepoli!). After 25 kilometers of mountain climbing and descending (by foot), and the coolest experience of my cycling life, we returned to pack our bags in Toulouse. See everybody back in Arkansas at 7:35pm on Wednesday! The France adventure is over, but the new America adventures await. Come back and read all the updates on Europe soon! Au revoir France, Bienvenue America!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! We are so glad to have you two back on US soil!
See you soon, The Jessup's