Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bordeaux, Wine, Dine, Festival!

We made it over to St. Emilion for our first adventure in Bordeaux.
I took in a little Sensory Science at a wine museaum. Pick that smell and guess correctly, and you get a free wine tasting. Like taking candy from a baby!
It just so happened the International Bordeaux Wine Festival was going on the same weekend we were in Bordeaux. I swear we didn't even plan it, but partake we did. Cheers!
A friend of mine from the lab in Toulouse's father owned a bakery in Bordeaux and we finally found the bakery of Didier Moreau. Thanks for the 2 free loaves of bread Mr. Moreau!
No trip to the Atlantic is complete without a little Escargot! Cook these guys in some butter and parsley and they are ready to go....................................into my stomach!

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