Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1/2 Day in Strasbourg, France!

Here is the famous Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame in Strasbourg. There is a history lesson behind it, but all I can tell you is that it was quite pretty. We only spent half the day in Strasbourg, as we headed up to Berlin, Germany on a night train.
The main highlight was our dinner at Saint Martin restaurant on the river that ran through the center of the Petite French Quarter. Look it up next time you are in Strasbourg.
Flammekueche or flambé tart. The classic dish of the region, a thin pastry covered with cream, onions and bacon pieces. Add some vegetables and you have a nice little snack.
Coquelet au Riesling et spatzel. Chicken leg and wings in a Riesling cream sauce with a side of spatzel. Spatzel is my new favorite pasta dish. It is classicly made with eggs and served with melted butter. Off to Berlin..........

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