Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Berlin, Germany!

No trip to Berlin is complete without some World War history. Here is the famous and controversial monument that is a tribute to those who suffered persecution in Nazi concentration camps. Located in the heart of downtown Berlin, this monument is a painful reminder of the history of Germany, that most Germans prefer to forget.
Another interesting monument is the "mother holding her injured child" which pays tribute to the innocent civilians and soldiers that suffered during the great World War.
Changing subjects, I became fascinated with the food of Berlin. Not to be associated with all of Germany, Berlin has its own specialities that are hard to find perfected outside of the city. The classic Weinerschnitzel can be made with pork or veal and is breaded and fried. Some restaurants proudly display the prominence of their Weinerschnitzel by actually making it larger than the plate that they serve it on!
Kebab stands are all over Europe, but the original Döner Kebab was invented in Berlin and no kebab I tried compared to these guys. Crunchy pita-style brick-oven bread with red cabbage, tomatoes, and some fricassee lettuce, and don't forget that spicy garlic sauce! Bon Appetite!
My old Toulouse roommate Peter was not only our tour guide for this leg of the trip, but he was also our Gastronomy coordinator. After wonderful dishes of Weinerschnitzel, Currywurst, or a Döner kebab, we would wash it down with an incredible Eiskaffee (ice cream coffee). Consider it to be a Root Beer Float, with Coffee substituted instead of Root Beer. Starbucks Frappacino isn't quite the same.

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Berlin Germany said...

I love large and thin Wiener Schnitzels with rice and French Fries. But only in the capital of Germany.