Saturday, October 31, 2009

Restaurant Experience: Lowell's: Seattle, WA!

On our last morning in Seattle, we headed back to Pike's Market for the famous views at Lowell's and the diner-style breakfast. 

Classic Eggs Benedict with a twist. When in Seattle, and when at Lowell's, you have to forgo the pork and substitute for the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

At Lowell's, you can get smoked salmon in pretty much anything. Try the Smoked Salmon 3-Egg Omelet. Word of advice at Lowell's, don't expect frills or even a parsley sprig garnish.  Lowell's is classic breakfast hash at it's finest and more of a seafarer's breakfast for a hungry tourist crowd.
In retrospect, I wish we would have grabbed a pastry and a coffee and saved our appetites for this Taco truck that we found on 3rd street. The cuisine of this "taco truck" is pretty self-explanatory, BBQ! I think this concept would do pretty well on gameday back in Arkansas.

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Nate said...

That truck should totally drive to the South!