Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, 27 is the new 23!

A while ago I was celebrating the Quarter-Century Club, but if my memory serves me correct, this October 7th means that I am now 27 years old. Not much to do on a Wednesday to celebrate but here goes..........................
Birthday breakfast! Homemade Mrs. Cinnamon Rolls with precision cut Banana.
Unlike most of the members of my family, I am able to refrain from opening my birthday cards as they pour in from all over the country. It's time to celebrate this birthday right and rip these babies open.
After the carnage and a few hidden presents that appeared from under the bed, this is the spoils. A fat new Skagen flat-profile watch, Razorback slippers and matching flannel pants (thanks sis!), dress shirts because apparently I have been looking frumpy (???), and Cooking with the Bible "Recipes for Biblical Meals." So, if anyone is interested in replicating the Passover Meal or maybe the dinner when the Prodigal Son Returns, just let me know.
Every unused wedding cake "W" needs a home after retirement and the Mrs. put this one back to work for my homemade German Chocolate and Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing. And yes, it was topped with Fat Free Frozen Yogurt. Indulge without the bulge!
The party didn't stop just because it was Growth Group Wednesday night. Luckily we strategically placed ourselves on snack duty this week so we were saved from making a last minute Safeway trip. Little did everyone know that I would also be supplying the party hats for this occasion.
As I eye the land of 30, I chose to look at the joyous future that lies ahead for these last 3 years of 20-somethingism. Speaking of look, I gotta look for some black hair coloring cause I have got way too many gray hairs popping up for a 27 year old!!!


Anonymous said...


I thought I had sent you your "Happy Birthday" greetings! Just to let you know that having gray hairs are the least of your worries...just wait until you begin to wonder where your memory is going! ;} I have started many a text message, got interrupted, and returned to only forget what I was going to say! I use the "cancel" key a lot. (Guess that is what approaching "50" does to a person) Enjoy that 27th year! The best is yet to come...really!!!!!!!!


Vern said...

Happy belated birthday! You can thank your Dad for that gray hair I think it's in the Walnofer genes. Glad you guys got to see Seattle. I think it is one of my favorite cities. I don't know if you got to go across the huge ferries but what a view looking back on the city.
Vernon & Janet