Friday, October 16, 2009

Seattle and the Pike's Market!

A main attraction in Seattle is of course, the famous Pike's Market. After my stint roaming the Boulevard de Strasbourg in Toulouse, France, I am pretty much a market snob. Don't they throw fish or something here.................
Oh no, the fish smell is about to make the Mrs. sick. We better hit up a coffee shop for some breakfast before I lose my appetite.
Oh look, a French Bakery. That'll do. Le Panier "A Very French Bakery." Perfect.
Nobody does a Latte better than the French..................or at least as good as a hippy looking 35 year old barista who works in an American-French bakery.
Many have failed, but Le Panier makes a killer Pain au chocolat. I think we are ready for a stroll through the market. Aisles and aisles of fresh produce, seafood, and every color flower you could ever imagine. The cool thing about Pike's Market is that everything has to be local to the area, including all the trinkets the vendor/artists sell.
Ummmm, Lowell's Restaurant....................perhaps we will check that out another day for some breakfast.
This was by far the coolest thing at the market. Maybe it is my passion for mass production or my exposure to assembly lines pumping out everything from bottled water to Domino's chicken wings, but their is no denying that this thing could revolutionize the entire donut making industry. What, some store called Krispy Kreme already did that! You have got to be kidding me! I guess I will just have to launch my invention that heats up food using micro waves instead.
An interesting attraction around the market is the famous copper pigs. One is even a piggy bank that collects thousands of dollars in spare change to fund the market. I was confused with this one and thought that if I put a quarter in it, it would rock back and forth like the machines outside the grocery stores I remembered as a child. Hence, nothing! What a waste of money.

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vcouvrey said...

i've been to that french cafe too! from what i've seen there are absolutely no lattes in brittany, france...only black espresso and's very sad.
glad to see you got a ride on that copper pig!