Monday, October 19, 2009

Restaurant Experience: Piroshky Bakery! Seattle, WA!

So we came upon an interesting bakery adjacent to Pike's Market, the Piroshky Bakery. What is this? Obviously not American and it doesn't even sound European.................., so it must be Russian.  Of course! Even though we didn't know what it was, a lot of other people did so we got in the back of the line and waited our turn for................well, we weren't really sure. Anthony Bourdain filmed his show here, really?

What is a piroshky you might ask (I did!)?  It is actually a handheld meal in the form of a stuffed pie. That sounds good, give me the beef and cheese one of those!

Okay all you Nebraskan readers out there? What does this remind you of?  You guessed it, a Runza! You can get onions, cabbage, or cheese stuffed in these piroshky things. Just like at Runza®! It is amazing the discoveries you can make in the food world.

The adventurous eaters that we are, we also ordered a Bavarian Sausage........they were out of the Smoked Salmon Pate piroshky.  Piroshky Bakery, please send a Smoked Salmon Pate piroshky attention Scott and Mrs. Walnofer to California at your convenience. I really want to try it! The pig in a blanket was ok.

Everybody loves cheesesticks with their stuffed pastry-encased meat pies. How about a caraway cheese stick? The verdict is out on this one, but maybe it was because I had already downed two piroshky's.

Even the Grandma's were making the dough in the back. You can't get more authentic Russian cuisine than that right there. I hope this helps decipher some of the food that the Grace Church of Napa Slovik Mission team recently experienced over in Uchali, Bashkortistan Russia.......and Paulette, maybe you can make these for Conner's birthday next year. The Mrs. and I can't wait till Thanksgiving when we will be back in Nebraska, home of the Runza!

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Anonymous said...

You were reading my mind, Scott! I am always looking for new recipes which I need coming up soon on December 2 (Conner's adoption day). Do you have any ideas/recipes? Thanks!


P.S. I have a little crazy story about eating those Russian pies.