Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best Coffee in Seattle! Elliot Bay Cafe!

One might think that it is an easy task to find a great cup of coffee in Seattle, but really it is more difficult than you think. I am not anti-corporate by any means, and in fact, I will more than likely spend my entire food career in the corporate industry. Nonetheless, I don't really want to drink my coffee out of a 10% postconsumer recycled paper cup. So, I implemented the famous Walnofer philosophy of "Just Ask" and out came a local recommendation for a great cup of joe.

The Elliot Bay Cafe located under the Elliot Bay Book Company at 101 South Main Street. Quaint  underground cafe feel at its best. Location, Check! Ambiance, Check!

Latte, Check! I am not an artist, but one cannot deny the Van Goghesque aspect of latte art. Think I made that term up, google it and see for yourself.  I am taking YouTube training courses as we speak.

I don't even think that Starbucks has a paper cup that can match this volume.  Luckily the Mrs. and I had a late dinner reservation so I needed all the caffeine I could get. Since dinner was still 4 hours away, maybe I should get a snack with my coffee.

The house specialty! The Toffee and Chocolate Chip cookie. No Starbucks or Tollhouse for these tourists!  Next stop, dinner at Chef Scott Samuel recommended Crush.

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