Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Restaurant Experience: Serious Pie, Seattle, WA!

As a self-proclaimed pizza fanatic, I am never one to shy away from the local hot spot. Serious Pie came with rave reviews and not even a long wait time would keep the Mrs. and I from enjoying some of the west coasts finest.
After sipping on coffee all day, we thought it was best to partake in a little nutrition with our meal. Send out the salads!Not just any salad though. Housemade Duck Prosciutto with Pickled Plums and Beacon Hill Argula. Serious Pie is serious about local, organic freshness and also serious about in-house charcuterie! Located near the entrance are two converted wine refrigerators set at 41 degrees Fahrenheit and filled with curing prosciutto, pancetta, sausages, salumi, and house speck.
Speaking of speck, Roasted Pumpkin with House Speck, Coriander, and Sweet Chili Oil. I am not going to lie, this might be the best use of pumpkin since the invention of the jack-o-lantern.
Even though we were already impressed, we were here for the pie's. At Serious Pie, the kitchen and the pizza oven is in full view surrounded by picnic table style communal seating. Not that we are anti-social, but the Mrs. and I were happy to have the only 2-person window table in the restaurant all for ourselves. As good as the pizza was, I don't think I could have risked anyone trying to sneak over for a piece of our Cherry Bomb Peppers and Sweet Fennel Sausage Pizza. Good call Mrs., good call.
Desiring to see more of the city, and walk off our pizza, the Mrs. and I made our way all the way to the home of the Seattle Seahawks. Qwest Field hosted the Seahawks vs. Jaguars a few hours earlier, but who would skip a pizza date at Serious Pie for BBQ beef nachos and foot-long corndogs.

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