Thursday, November 5, 2009

Restaurant Experience: Belle Epicurean: Seattle, WA!

During our last afternoon in Seattle, the Mrs. and I were walking aimlessly back to the Excutive Hotel Pacific when we came across Belle Epicurean.  Anxiously needing a light lunch before we headed off to the airport for our return flight to Napa Valley, we snuck in for a sandwich and of course....................another coffee.

 Belle Epicurean is chef/owned by Carolyn Ferguson and is located at 1206 4th Ave. I knew this was going to be good when the counter girl said hello with a very thick Parisian accent.

Belle Epicurean is another Seattle restaurant that focuses on natural, fresh, and organic ingredients.  Here is the Warm Pepper Turkey & Cheese on Rosemary Potato Brioche.

After striking up a conversation about the cultural differences between the people of Paris and Toulouse, I had to break the awkward silence by placing another order. Belle's Croque Monsieur with Black Forest Ham, Gruyere Cheese and Mornay Sauce on Brioche. Top it with an egg and this might have been the best French-style sandwich I have ever had. Please let me know when the Belle's Croque Madame hits the menu.

It was a long bus ride from downtown Seattle out to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport so a little caffeine was in order.  Latte and Cappuccino please. Merci!

I am always a sucker for a little bit of sweet with my afternoon coffee. Many cultures celebrate this as High Tea..........which I have now adopted into my daily lifestyle.  Belle's Epicurean is known for their pastries and notably their brioche buns such as this Classic Pecan Brioche Bun. This struck my interest as my past employer, Chef Thomas Keller, is about to launch a brioche-snack kiosk concept in the Time Warner Building in New York. Belle Epicurean has set a pretty high benchmark in my opinion. Thank you Seattle for the fun........................and the food!

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