Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cuisines of Europe and the Mediterranean: Greece, Turkey, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium!

Weve got lot of Europe to cover in the next few days before we switch our focus to Thanksgiving. Better smoosh Greece, Turkey, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium all in one.

Baba Ghanoush with Pita Bread. Classic Greek eggplant and tahini dip. Great with pita. Substitute for Velvetta Cheese dip and serve at your next Super Bowl Party.

Spanakopita. Little Greek stuffed carrots, broccoli, feta, nutmeg, raisins, and curry powder triangle pockets.  I have found a new love in phyllo dough.

Chef Almir introduced the class to a unique wine made throughout the Mediterranean region. Passito de Pantelleria. This is a raisin wine made from grapes that have been dried to concentrate their juice. Somehwhat similar to ice wine without having to endure living in the cold weather.

Speaking of cold.  Up to Belgium we go where cyclocross is king and the pavĂ© paves the roads. This country breeds hardened citizens and they need hearty foods to make it through those winters. You can make them happy with Chicory au Gratin and of course, some of those famous Belgian beers. But leave room for those fine Belgian chocolates and of course, those waffles in the morning.

Speaking of beers, Ireland is pretty proud of theirs as well.  Forget champagne and oysters, the Irish would rather have Baked Oysters with Bacon, Cabbage, and Guinness Sabayon.

Scotch Eggs from Scotland. Maybe the most interesting thing I have ever seen in culinary school. Do them right and the yolks will actually remain runny. Encased Sunny-side up eggs. Delightful!

Classified as Belgian, but could quite easily be a hometown favorite of just about any town in Europe. Mussels in White Wine and Shallots. Where to next, the motherland!

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