Thursday, March 13, 2008

The worst night in France EVER!

So we got an invitation to an international student event sponsored by the Toulouse Rotary Club. Apparently, they were expecting hundreds of students to attend, but only about 20 showed up. This could have been the first warning. We did meet some cool Aussies and we were more than delighted to speak a little English with them! That would be the last English of the evening. Next, the president of the Club stood up and gave a 30 minute presentation about something (all in French) and then all the students were herded up on stage by country to tell why they were in Toulouse. Of course, Amanda and I (USA students) don't speak any French so as we are pointed at, we make our way on stage. Never fearing the spotlight, I taking the reins and bust out the best bonjour (with a thick Arkan-sas accent) and proceed to stumble over the most awkward experience I have ever had. It was like a bad nightmare where you are standing on the stage in your underwear and everyone is laughing at you in French. So, we made our way through it and got the heck off the stage. I felt like Ashton Kucher should have ran out and said "You're Punked!" Maybe I was on a French gameshow or something, candid camera style. Anyway, in revenge, I ate entirely too much of their les hors d'Oeuvre (appetizers) and took a bite of each dessert on the dessert table. Too end the night, we walk out of the discoteche and it is raining. Luckily our friend offers to drive us home. Perfect, the night isn't so bad. But, as we back out of the parking space, WhAMM!, she backs right into the side door of a hatchback Citroen (French car maker). So, surely nothing get be worse than this night in France.

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