Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celebration of Easter in Toulouse.

Easter Sunday or Pâques as the French say was celebrated this Sunday. I began the celebration at the Saint-Sernin Cathedral. World famous in Toulouse! The place was packed, but we were 30 minutes late since not all churches have mass at the same time. Go figure? Also, I am truly in need of a Protestant church. I need to start researching the area because their has to be something resembling the equivalent of my church at home. At least give me a guitar please! The organs are nice, but I can't really sing along to that.............or sing hymns in French. At school today, we had a Pâques celebration. Apparently, omelettes are celebratory food for Easter! This were filled with everything from champignons (mushrooms), jambon (ham), bacon (bacon), frommage (cheese, Emmantal), and even omelette sucre (sugar and strawberries). Note the huge leg of cooked jambon (ham). Nothing beats slicing off a piece of fresh, cooked ham for a nice apertif (starter). Then, an informal wine tasting was presented along with an assortment of pate's (pork liver & fat patty), saucisson (sausages), and boudin (blood sausage) served with petit pain (little bread). For educational reasons and to continually develop my palate, I had a taste of each and every item today. Needless to say, a fine assortment of salad and water will be served for diner (dinner) followed by a petit dejeuner (small breakfast)! I can't forget about those pictures on the beach for our upcoming honeymoon in Hawaii. Fabio or Homer Simpson................Kristen, take your pick!


Matt said...

Hey scott, nice blog!

Was it true Saucisson (dried sausage), or saucisses (sausage that needs to be cooked)? The french have so many words for the same thing. haha.

Scott Walnofer said...

True Suacisson. Saucisson is dried sausage that can be cut and eaten as is, but some varities like Boudin (blood sausage) are even better when they are re-cooked again in a skillet.