Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome to France!

Kristen gave me a button for my backpack which reads, "Je suis aimee" or "I am loved." Not to be forgotten at all during our time apart.

My flight was pretty empty so I got this entire twin sized bed to myself. Complete with a white and red Bordeaux, but not even the juice of the grapes could put me to sleep on the plane!

This was my last meal on American soil. Good ole' PB&Honey with Banana, and an American sized Coca-Cola. Nephew Maddox supplied the dessert of a Butterfinger crunch.

Maddox was worried that Uncle Scott might go hungary during his travels, so he gave me all of his left over Valentine's Day candy that he got from the girls at daycare. Apparently, 6 month olds can't eat candy yet, so he had lots to share with his Uncle.

So, now that I am engaged. I have decided to leave the country for 5 months. Not to run away from my future bride, but to explore the journey of life that God has laid before me. Two years ago, I started my Master's of Science at the University of Arkansas with the full intention of taking part in this European-USA exchange program that was available. Little did I know that within that next two years, my relationship with my girlfriend would turn to love and I would have to leave her "on the eve" of our engagement. But, this time apart has already made us stronger and our marriage on August 9th will be even that much sweeter!

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