Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday's in Toulouse

What do you drive to church on Sunday mornings? This is my chariot for cruising around Toulouse. We got the 19?? Mini-Cooper out of the garage and drove down the street to pick up Madame's friend who is 94 YEARS OLD! At this point, the collective age of the inhabitants of the car was way over 200 years old! I am not a large man, but I felt like Shaquille O'Neal in that back seat. Sometimes, you have got to do whatever you got to do to hang out with Jesus!

So, what did you have for Sunday lunch? I was fortunate enough to help Madame Luthie make a traditional Toulouse meal of Cassoulet. This meal consists of white beans, pork cooked in grease, pig skin, duck meat which has been preserved in its own fat (confit), and a touch of tomato paste. It is then simmered in a white Bordeaux wine for hours and served tableside. Compliments to the chef! As Madame Luthie has seen my genuine curiosity for learning the ways of the French cooking, she has proposed that we make an authentic French lunch every Sunday. I accepted and many scrumptuous reports shall follow. After our meal, we watched a little France vs. Italy rugby match and some live coverage of the cycling race Paris-Nice. What a splending Sunday afternoon in Toulouse!

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