Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Everything Else in Paris.

So here is a little more of everything that I took in during France. First off was Palm Sunday mass at the Notre Dame. It was an incredible experience..........even with 100,000 people walking and talking and taking pictures the entire time. I did find a corner all to myself and knelt for a special prayer in one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. I prayed for my family during our recent loss, my fiancee for her strength while I am gone and guidance in planning our wedding, and safe travels for myself and all of family back home. Patrick, Spencer, me and a few others from their trip went to the Musee d'Orsay. There I saw the famous works from Van Gogh, the Blue Waterlillies by Monet, and the Le Dejuner sur l'Herbe by Manet. Just to make sure that everyone doesn't think that I am becoming too mature in my travels, I captured the picture Le Dejuner sur l'Herbe only because of the plumber's crack being sported by the French student :) On Sunday morning, I went to a local Parisian outdoor market to capture the occassion that I so enjoy. Nice to have the backdrop of the Bastille as I shop for fresh apples. My breakfast of a raisin baguette was provided by a local merchant. Bon Appetit, the french way. My lodging was provided by Madame Luthie's son Vincent's cousin Sophie! For a few hours, I was contemplating sleeping on a park bench but instead, I got to spend two days at this incredible artist's loft with her and her family. Her 15 year-old-daughter had even been to Arkansas!!!!! Her and her father did a month long trip from Los Angeles across America, stopping in Dyess, AR, hometown of her favorite singer Johnny Cash, and ending in New York City. Wow! She has seen more of America than me! This journey to France continues to be full of super cool signs that keep telling me that I have made the right decision in spending my time here in France. Next up is Easter Celebration and a 3-day weekend. Au revoir.

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