Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Off to Paris!

So I decided to go to Paris about 3 hours before my train left on Friday morning. I had some distant family who I had never met who were in Paris for a high school spring break. I didn't even know what they looked like! I booked my ticket and ran to the train station in Toulouse. I didn't know how to get my ticket and almost had a panic attack, but finally made the train. Only to get a seat in between the seating cars....aka....the baggage cart. What the HECK!!! 90 euros and this is all I get. So for 6 hours, I got a fold down seat and a tiny window. But, I loved every minute and spent the entire time staring out as we passed the Bordeux region and all the countryside of France. So, finally to Paris and after a "light" jog/panic run to a fountain in the middle of Paris, I met Patrick and his son Spencer. First time family reunions are fun in Paris, France. After being a total bum and sleeping on Patricks hotel floor, I met up with Madame Luthie's son Vincent who got me a place to stay with his cousin Sophie. So, I had a roof over my head and proceeded to see all the sights and sounds, smells and flavors of Paris.

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