Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Podium Number Two in France!

The new kits arrived today. Just like in America, nobody gets their new kits until after a couple of the early season races. I guess that will always be that way. The main sponsor is Cassoulidet and secondary sponsors include Caissee d'Espagne. The kit id black, yellow and white. I don't know what these French guys were trying to tell me but they gave me Large shorts and a Medium Jersey. I won't take offense just yet till I figure out the size conversions to USA! Check out the landscape. Rapeseed fields are in full bloom all over France right now.
The field was smaller today as another race was occuring not too far from Toulouse. This tends to split the region and riders choose the race closer to them. For us, St. Pierre was the closest so that is what we choose (Gas: $5.88/gallon). Today was much harder as the course had a long, but not too steep 4km climb at the start/finish. I still don't know any of the riders and one guy took off at the first of the race wearing a Mapei Kit, so I thought for sure he is a poser. Later I learned that if your local team is sponsored by Mapei, you can wear the pro team kit. He stayed away until the end. Three riders attacked on lap 3 of 6 and I thought for sure they wouldn't stick it. But they did so on lap 4, I attempted to bridge and spent the next 2 laps chasing by myself until I caught them on the climb with 500 meters to go. I jumped them but one guy still was able to beat me on the uphill sprint.
So, another 3rd place. And considering I still have the French Flu as shown below, I was semi-pleased with that. Little Marco Pantani guy on my left was trying not to breath my flu filled air. NO WINE this time. Only a trophy, T-shirt, medal, and a cool bucket cap. I got to get me some of those winner's flowers before I head back to America. Oh, and gateux's (mini-cakes) and chocolats were served after the race! Life is good and you will never go hungary in France.

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Anonymous said...

Wally do you know of anywhere I could stay during Joe Martin? Also great job on the bike...