Monday, May 5, 2008

Enoforum 2008 in Montpellier

The famous Arc de Triomphe.........of Montpellier. I think every city has one because of all of the famous battles through all the years. The weather was beautiful and the city was incredible.
But I was here for business. The Enoforum 2008 wine conference. Topics included aromas, textures, and consumer marketing of wine. It was very informative and it is a great opportunity to learn from professionals of other countries. One individual starting going on a rant about the American consumer and why they are different from the French consumer. I wanted to stand up and be like, hey, get off of my back. I don't drink your wine because it is too expensive and there isn't any available in my country. But instead, I just savored the fact that I could drink it here for much lower prices :)
Sightseeing, business, and X-games. Well, not quite X-games, but FISE. Federation of Sports Extreme was going on in Montpellier that week. Awesome. The river running down the middle of the city was converted to this skateboarder and bmx paradise. After the conference, I took my daily hour stroll down to the river and just watched all the amateur chaos. Lots of broken bones and crashes. All of the pros including Dave Mirra and Daniel Diehrs (Dew Cup Champion) were there. Never saw Dave, but Daniel was there rocking it on the BMX street vert. It is incredible to watch Pros compared to Amateurs. It is a big reason why I want to see the Tour de France. Just for my own personal satisfaction. After that, I am now inspired to take up BMX. Should be good out in California!

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