Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Domaine du Pruerat Tasting Night

Madame Luthie's son Bernar has a distribution hobby for Domaine du Pruerat, a small Chateau in Bordeaux. They make really great wines that are "under the Bordeaux radar" thus have really great prices. Because the owner ships only a couple giant loads a year to Bernar who stores them in ML's cellars, the customer saves on shipping charges and saves even more money. The most bang for your buck, Bordeaux style! I set up a formal wine tasting dinner to show off some of these wines to my friends and maybe even stir up a sale or two.
The 2002 Domaine du Pruerat Premier Cotes de Bordeaux Liquoreux was served with a mouse de foie gras. This wine is sweet and similar to a Sauterness. Actually the vinyards are located 6 km's outside the Sauterness border, therefore it is pretty much a Sauterness without the price tag. Exquisite wine that paired beautifully with the foie gras, the Roquefort cheese, and it was a nice accompaniement to the sorbet&glace (ice cream) dessert.
The 2003 Chateau Montgravier Bordeaux Graves (on the left) was the big guy at the table tonight. Lots of oak, woody, and red ripe fruits. I had the 2001 and 2002 of this and it only gets better with age. The 2005 Bordeaux rouge was maybe my favorite of the night. Strong with tannins, but less oak and sweeter fruit made it a really easy wine to drink. I now know why the French love to drink Bordeaux with cheese, because it matches almost anything you put in front of it. Especially the hard chevre (goat) and the Corsica fromage de brebis (sheep). The 2007 Bordeaux sec blanc was as well superb. It is a Sauvignon white and it went nicely with the pissaladiere and even complemented the chevre nicely. The fruits were a little weak but I bet if you let them ripen up for a year or two in the bottle, this wine would be even better. It would also stand out better next to a nice fish or mussels dish.
No French dinner is compete without some baguettes. We had three. Baguette traditionelle, plain baguette, and a flute (larger baguette). Spread a littel cheese on those and take a sip of Bordeaux. Closet to heaven you can get in France!
No dinner with the best wine in the world would be enjoyable without some great friends to share it with. Amanda (2nd to the left) was heading back to America in the morning and Anna heads back to Poland on Friday. Around the table is Emmanuel, Kelly (Kerry's bro from Philly), Madame, myself, Kerry, and Lupita. Lupita was the first person I or Amanda saw at the airport in France so I was very glad she could join us this evening. Safe travels back to America. I think I'll stay a little bit longer to keep enjoying France :)

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