Monday, May 26, 2008

Allez Stade Toulouse!

This Saturday was the European Rugby Champions Cup Finals. Toulouse is world famous for their Rugby team and the people here are crazy for it. The city set up a giant screen in the Capitole center and thousands of people came to show their support. Roomie Peter and I met up with some of his international school friends (Lithuania, Mexico, Colombia, Finland, India, England, German, USA) and had prime seating (on the ground!) in front of the big screen right smack in the middle of 15,000 people (all sitting!). At least until something exciting happened.................

and then they stand and chant and do cheers like, "Toulousian, Toulousian, Toulousian!" The celebration was short lived as Munster (Irish team) defeated Stade Toulouse 16-13. What you didn't get to see is the guys behind us who were smoking hash during most of the game and spilling their beer in our "seats." Gotta love the freedom of France :)

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