Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Barcelona Adventures!

Off to Barcelona we went this holiday weekend. Almost all of May is holiday's in France so we have a 3-day weekend this week and a 4-day weekend next week. Might as well go to Spain! My rommate Emmanuel took us by car to Andorra and then over to Barcelona. We took the mountain pass and although the famous life-saving TomTom is shown in the picture, Emmanuel took his own route and 10 hours later (4 hours to Barcelona usually!) we arrived. A former Madame Luthie roommate Esys's (???) is doing her Ph.D at Univeristy de Barcelona so we were going to meet up with her for some sightseeing of the city.
The beautiful architecture of Gaudi is a sight to see and several of his famous building are in Barcelona. They are incredibly unique but I guess that is what makes them............well unique and worth seeing. Our entire Barcelona journey was via foot and I can honestly, no lie tell you that we had to of walked 50-60 miles in our day and a half journey in the city, but every step was well worth the adventures around every corner.
Yes, this guy is real. Although I didn't believe it for about 10 minutes of staring until he had to adjust his cigarette because some ashes fell on his lip. Street performers might make a hundred or more euros a day by the looks of it. Tourists love a good show, even if your talent is sitting statuesque for hours on end.
I am not for sure if these guys were street performers or just enjoying a cafe and a little bit of that Spanish sun. Luckily, as they stood to take pictures with all of the amazed onlookers, I threw up and couldn't get my camera out to take any more pictures of that :(
In this picture, you might wonder why I am showing it with all the great pictures I had of Barcelona. Maybe it is the ultra cool Euro sunglasses that I bought at the market, or maybe some friends sharing a good time together, but no, this was almost the last picture I ever got to take with my camera b/c about 5 minutes later, a purple rose flower "salesman" came to sell us some roses and accidently knocked over Peter's glass. No big deal until 30 minutes later when we leave, I am like, hey where is my camera. I thought I left it on the table so we ran back only to not find it. No one had seen it so I thought, way to go Scott, you lost your camera. But wait, remember the flower salesman!!!!! He stole it. I thought it was gone forever, but in times of need, I bowed my head and said a little prayer, "God, please show me some way to get my camera back." Sometimes all you need is faith. After walking for another 15-20 minutes randomly through the city, we come up to a metro stop, and a peace came over me and said "If I was trying to sell flowers, I would do it in a high traffic area like a metro stop!" Sure enough, I look to might right and see a man, whose face none of us had seen, sitting next to some purple roses and talking on his cell phone. I walked up to him and noticed a rectangular bulge in his pocket. How do you approach someone and say, hey give me what is in your pocket? I politely picked up the roses and acted interested, but he didn't really seem too interested in selling them to me. I KNEW HE HAD MY CAMERA!!!!! All of the sudden he put his soda down, spoke some Spanish and bolted down into the metro. I told Esys's, "We can't let him go, I know he has it!" We followed him and luckily several people were trying to enter the gates and he couldn't get in. I told him that I wanted to buy all of his flowers, so why was he running! How do you politely ask someone to give you what is in their pocket? Finally after 5 minutes of being surrounded by 3-guys and a Spanish girl trying to politely ask to see what is in his pockets, he pulls out an Iphone (not the phone he was talking on???) from one pocket and in the other, he barely pulls out some keys and all the sudden I see my camera string poke out of the pocket. As soon as I saw it I looked at him and pointed to him, and he politely handed it over. I was so happy to have it that I didn't even think about punching his lights out..........and taking the Iphone which he surely stole as well! Everyone I told the story said that is a one-and-a-million chance, but I say that all is possible to those that have faith in him!

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