Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's Start My Research...........With a Tasting!

My research is beginning and to introduce my collegues to my work, we held an informal wine tasting in the ENSIACET courtyard. I will be working with two wines, a Colombard (semi-dry white wine) and a Fer Servadou (red wine) during my instrumental, sensory, and consumer testing.
As in France, almost always, wine must be accompanied with cheese. Dr. Talou bought some assorted cheeses from a local Creamery for everyone to try with my wine before lunch. We have a soft chevre (goat), a frommage des Pyrenees (regional to the Pyrenees), a Emmantel (similar to Swiss minus the holes), and a sheep's milk bleu cheese (not a Roquefort).
Cheese platter two consisted of a pat of butter (I won't ever eat spray butter again) three hard-chevre cylinders, a cow's milk bleu cheese, a Cantal (the best mild cheese ever), and a classic Brie (minus the syrup and fruit junk that we top it with in the States!). All paired nicely with the Colombard, but the Brie and the hard chevre were exceptional with the Fer Servadou! I think I took a nap at my desk for a good two hours after this lunch! Who can work after that.

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