Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Things in France..

Item #1) This is my new roommate, Peter. Peter is from a small town near Berlin, Germany and is studying Commerce (Economics, Business) in Toulouse. He is 24 years old, speaks fluent English, and some pretty good French. I think he will be a pretty cool roommie and we seem to get a long good so far. He did a study abroad in Cincinnati, OH in high school. We had an in-depth conversation regarding church after a recent excursion to a Protestant Church. I was telling him how the church I grew up in and would like to find here, doesn't even remotely exist! He went on to tell me a story about his host family in Cincinnati who took him to a church "where people were directing cars in the parking lot", and "there were huge beamers (projectors) showing everything on huge screens", and "the seating was set up like a cinema." I laughed and told him that it sounded just like my church back at Harvest Time in Fort Smith. Needless to say, he didn't think that type of church service existed anywhere in Europe. Can I at least get a little guitar with my praise & worship!!!
Item #2) This is my new townie bike. Since there seems to be a fascination with stealing anything not locked to a bike rack (seat, handlebars, parts, pedals, wheels) in Toulouse, I have decided to get a bike that is less likely to attract theives. So, I snooped around Madame Luthie's garage and found this beauty hiding under an old tarp. It is a Raleigh, circa 1970's and all it needed was a little air in the tires.
Item #3) This dessert isn't really new to France, but new to me. Poires Belle Helene or pears poached in syrup, then served with warm chocolate sauce and vanilla glace (ice cream). I had it at a dinner that I was invited to by my cycling teammate Laurent. His wife Heloise brought the house down with an incredible dinner including saucission, chorizo, salad with dried duck breast, corn, asparagus tips, and mustard vinaigrette, a fresh flute from the boulangerie, a Gaillac red wine, pork tenderloin, and pomme de terre lyonnaise au gratin (potatoes sauteed with onions, cooked in milk, butter, and cream, then baked with cheese). Followed as always by a beautiful cheese tray with two fromage des pyrennes, a Cantal, and a Bremis (sheep) cheese. Life is good in France!

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