Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Noah Singer is the Man!

My buddy Noah Singer just got done riding the cyclosportif of the famous Tour of Flanders. This Belgian Classic is notorious for its many incredible cobbled climbs and terrible weather. To pay my respects to Noah as the true stud he is, I found this beautiful section of cobbled gutter here in Toulouse. There was no snow or freezing rain, but I had a strong headwind on the way to school this morning and almost got my pant leg caught in the chainring if it makes my cobbled experience seem any more hardcore. Although Noah tackled 160 miles of cobbled roads over a 9 hour period, I spent about 200 meters bumping along the cobbles lasting for about 18 seconds. So, I think I am remotely as hard core as Noah. Props to you and tell everyone back in Arkansas I said Bonjour!

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Stephen said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Good to hear you're having an awesome time in France, enjoying all things of continental Europe. If you have time head down to Chianti south of Florence and enjoy a little of the Italian wine. I can give you an Italian resturant recommendation that will blow your socks off.