Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tour de Cure and Brad Huff!

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Tour de Cure, a charity bike ride supporting the American Diabetes Association. The Tour de Cure rides take place all over the country and it just so happens that the Napa Valley tour is the largest in the nation. Go figure! I pretty much get to ride in the greatest place on earth for bike riding everyday! I was not alone as my chef buddy Ross and I formed Team Bouchon, where we both happen to work.
After raising over $500 in about a week, Ross and I woke up Sunday morning to take part in the ride with over 1,495 other registered riders. Of course, it only rains in Northern California once every 3 months, and we got nailed with over an inch of rain that morning. But, off we went for our 50 mile ride through the valley, and past our cottage where I conveniently dropped off my rain capo mid-way.
"Hey, do you ride for Mercy!" Why yes I do Mr. Charles Bradley Huff. REUNION! Sure enough, Jelly Belly pro and former Mercy Elite Team member Brad Huff, originally from Springfield, MO and now residing in Santa Cruz, CA, was taking part in the Tour de Cure also. We parted ways after the introduction, but met up after the ride to chat and catch up on the cycling world. After a few bags of Sport Beans, we were as chatty as a couple of school girls reminiscing about the old days back in the Arkansas/MO racing scene.
What a fun weekend and what a great cause to get out and ride a bike for! Remember, May 16th is "Bike to Work Day" so I hope you will join me on the daily commute from Calistoga to Bouchon Bistro in Yountville. Till then!

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