Monday, May 25, 2009

Field Trip: California Academy of Sciences!

After watching a Dateline Special on the $500 million grand opening of the California Academy of Sciences, the Mrs. and I decided to head down to San Francisco to explore our scientific side. This state of the art museum is one of the "greenest" structures ever built. If you missed the Dateline episode, more information can be found at:
Architecturally, the building was unique unto itself. The most impressive exhibit was the Morrison Planetarium, the largest all-digital dome in the world. We were entertained by the show, Fragile Planet, which took us on a virtual ride to the outer reaches of the universe. How appropriate that the entire film was narrated by Sigourney Weaver, better known as Ripley from the hit Alien movie series.Everyone loves penguins and the Academy had a really cool exhibit of the waddling members of the Spheniscidae family (Yes, I read the plaque next to the exhibit!)
Next up was the famous albino American Alligator. Ahh, he's so cute............
..............oh my gosh, nevermind I take that back! Hebby jebbies!Apparently eating meat leaves a devastating carbon footprint on the climate of the world. Worthy of an exhibit in a science museum..............................
...................depends on who you ask, but all I could think about is how undercooked those vegetables were. Nobody is going to trade in meat for eating those.

Even the roof was sustainable. This living roof provides natural light, water retention, animal and insect habitat, insulation, and minimizes the "Urban Heat Island" effect that is common in metropolitan cities that are swathed with blacktop roofs and concrete. All this for $500 million, impressive!Next up is the next-door-neighbor of the California Academy of Sciences, the DeYoung Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Just kidding! That is enough museum learning for the Walnofer's for quite awhile. I am a dummy, and I think I would rather go out for a bike ride instead.

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