Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dunaweal Lane Winery Bike Tour!

Since the Mrs. now has a bike, we thought we would spend our Saturday doing our very own winery bike tour. Actually, we toured Dunaweal Lane which is approximately 500 yards away from our house. After living here for 10 months, we had yet to go to any of the 3 wineries on that road.Armed with our trusty steeds and a new basket mounted on the Mrs. bike's fender (in case we bought anything), off we went.
What a beautiful ride! What a beautiful view! What a beautiful bike! The Mrs. is even beautiful too!
Sterling Vineyards was first on the list. Not especially known for their wine, but they do have a gondola that overlooks the valley.................and the Walnofer's cottage across the street.
Up we went to the Greek-style castle on the hill. A great view and a cool walking tour awaited us.
Once we made it back down the gondola, we crossed the street over to Clos Pegase. Known for their wine and their incredible architecture, we were also pleasantly surprised to find that the owner had quite the collection of interesting art as well.

This one especially! Apparently a French artist has made 5 of these and they are strewn all over the world. The one on the right that is.
This concluded our bike tour down Dunaweal. We didn't make it to Twomey Winery, but heck, it is only 500 yards away! Maybe next Saturday.

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