Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cuatro de Mayo!

Cuatro de Mayo has important significance around the Walnofer household. No, not because it is the day before Cinco de Mayo, but because it is the Mrs. birthday. This year she turned a quarter century old (25). Since we had yet to have any Mexican food (not Tex-Mex!) in our town of Calistoga, the Mrs. decided she wanted to celebrate over some burritos! Off to Pacifico we went, the "upscale" Mexican restaurant with a live Mariachi band on Friday nights (tonight was Monday).

Ummmmmm! Chips and Salsa. Homemade chips and salsa Pacifico style to be exact. We even got a nice window table for two to enjoy the view of downtown Calistoga.
Birthday Sangria for the birthday girl. I am not going to lie, I got one too but I gave the Mrs. my umbrella so I wouldn't look like a girly man. Speaking of look, check out the 75 year old "surgically kept together" blonde getting out of her 50 year old boyfriends Porsche. Life among these millionaires can be quite entertaining at times. I forgot what giant proportions looked like, but true to mexican food standards, the plate came fully loaded. Poblano Mole Smothered Chicken with the classic Rice, Refried Beans, Pico de Gallo, and Cream Corn Nugget.
Another Mexican classic was the Carnitas Jalisco. Sadly, the kitchen bombed these pork tips, but after 2 baskets of Chips and Salsa, who really wants to eat their entree. No dessert for us either as Scott's famous Chocolate Mousse was on the birthday request list back at the cottage. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the birthday present.
After sneaking out of the house at 4:30a.m, I drove down to Bike Shop Brad's house and loaded up this beauty in the trunk of the Acura and parked it in front of the kitchen window to surprise the Mrs. Much to her surprise.........she was..........a.........surprised. Surely many bike adventures in the valley will be reported soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs. Walnofer!

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