Sunday, May 17, 2009

Restaurant Review: Angele!

After many months of employment at Bouchon, I was interested in trying out some of our French bistro competition. Located in Napa, Angele just recently opened and has been receiving good reviews.The restaurant has a great location for Napa. It sits right on the riverfront and has a nice indoor and outdoor seating area.

Classic butter and baguette. Can't get more French than that.
Since I spend a couple days a week grinding meat and packing Pate molds, I had to try their Pate Maison Country Pâté Wrapped in Bacon and served with a Celery Heart Salad. The Pate was good, but I didn't understand why they covered it up with the salad. I like how the Pate is the centerpiece of our plates, not an afterthought.

Like Bouchon, they also serve a Gnochhi dish on the menu. Crispy Fromage Blanc Gnochhi with Hen of the Wood Mushrooms, and Braised Spring Vegetables. Their Gnochhi is traditional potato gnochhi whereas Bouchon's is actually a Pate a Choux style gnochhi. This dish was pretty good I might say.
When I saw the Cassoulet Toulouse on the menu, I knew I had to get it. Served with the classic Duck Confit, Cellini Beans, Housemade Sausage, and a Ham Hock, this Cassoulet was just as heavy and just as tasty as I had remembered it. Although I will give the nod to Madame Lautie, this one was a dang good replica. Cassoulet isn't pretty, but it was served in a nice earthenware pot. The sausage wasn't quite the Toulousian Sausage that I had remembered, but bravo to Angele for a great French food night in Napa.

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