Monday, March 9, 2009

Fruit Platters: Sexy!

Day One of Breakfast Cookery has begun. Many teams were met with the challenge of poaching eggs, rolling omelets, or baking quiche at 3:30a.m., but my team got lucky! Fruit Platters! Not only is fruit cool, but the fact that my other teammate just so happens to also be from Northwest Arkansas is also cool. Speaking of teammate, Tyson busted out this intricate watermelon rose carving to go along with our sliced watermelon. Apparently this technique can be found on YouTube. Search "Freakin Sweet" and it should come up.
My claim to fame is the honeydew buzzsaw. Notice the sharp lines and the aggressive circular pattern. Okay, it isn't as cool as Tyson's, but not bad for about 5:45a.m. at this point.

Kiwi anyone?
How about an assorted fruit platter for one?
Or an assorted fruit platter for 20?
Tomorrow is the Eggs-to-Order station. Get em fried, poached, over-easy, or any other way you like em. Compliments of Tyson and Scott......................from Arkansas.

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