Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breakfast Cookery Day 4!

The fruit platters are getting sexier and sexier!
Tyson and I sold some Corned Beef Hash with a Mornay Liason sauce, Poached Egg, and Parmesan Crisp. My favorite if my biased opinion counts.
Chorizo and Polenta Scrapple with a Potato Galette and Whipped Creme Fraice.
Donuts!!!!!!, with Donut hole attached.
Its not the carnival or your local county fair, but apparently Californians eat Funnel Cakes for breakfast. Where can a guy get a balanced, healthy start to the day?
How about with the Oven Cured Pineapple Muesli? In homage to breakfast Chef Jorge, the Sticky Raisin Roll.
And to the Victors go the Spoils! After an early 4:00a.m. start, its time for 8:30a.m brunch. Add some Chiliquiles with Shredded Turkey, Black Beans, and Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, along with some Carne Con Chili with Pico de Galo Omelets, and you have a Mexican Brunch! Its 5:45p.m., Goodnight.

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