Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chili Tasting!

We had the opportunity to taste a few chili's in Cuisines of the America's. It is quite astounding how diverse the chili world can be when most people only know of the chili flakes that come with their box of pizza. We have from top left to bottom, Amarillo, Arbol, Chipotle (not a just a Burrito chain), Piloncillo (actually Mexican sugar), Sun-dried tomato, Habanero, Moreno, Ancho, and Cascabel. Even a few mushrooms were up for ID-ing. A Royal King Trumpet, Brown-Clamshell, Forest Clamshell, Forest Maetake, and Flores de Jamaica.
What good is it to know what chili's look like if you don't know what they taste like? From 1-15 in order of heat! 1 being a sweet pepper or green pepper and 15 being "I think I am going to pass out after my tongue falls off!"
What you can't see, is the sweat, the tears, and the kid running to the refrigerator for a carton of milk. I was able to get up to about #11 before I had to shut down the Olfactory and shout out a cry for my momma. After a little capsaicin suppression, I bit the bullet and had #15 to prevent the guys in the group from calling me a girly man. Two days later I woke up after a successful tongue replacement surgery. Ouch!

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