Friday, October 24, 2008

Seafood ID & Fabrication II

Next up for seafood exploration was the oyster. We got several varieties to shuck and compare. Blue point, Atlantic (my favorite), Malpeque, BBQ, Myagi, and Japanese Kumamato.I tried everyone, even this one before it was shucked. I am sad to disappoint, but the oyster is not my favorite food. At this point in my palate development, I can barely stand them or the ocean belly after effects.

This little guy is a live sea urchin.

He too was not so easy to eat. Apparently you have to cut off the top of their head and pick out the mustard, fatty looking meat and eat it raw. I did, and actually found it more palatable than the oysters.

This is a monstrous Tuna loin. We cut it down into pave, or square steaks. Look how beautiful that thing is. More to come..........

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