Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pork: "The Best White Meat!"

Remember this little guy from the other day, we shall call him Wilson. He took a long swim in a little water brine overnight and came out ready for the oven.
Remember his belly that got removed? It got sent to the rotisserie after marinating with the dry rub. Notice how nice and crispy that skin is. Quite possibly the tastiest pork belly I have ever eaten!
After a morning in the oven, Wilson came out with some crispy, golden skin and some mouthwatering meat. Due to the feedback regarding the graphic nature of the demise of Wilson, I have left his face covered to protect my readers with weak stomachs.
Those not suffering from weak stomach's is the A.O.S Section 6 "Friends" cast. From left to right, Michael Austin, Miss Laci Issippi, Rick Zona, and Chris Canuck. They bellied up to the table for some great pork belly and chewed the fat right off of the back of Wilson. Once again, the secret philosophy was met, "Good Friends and Good Food makes a Great Experience!"

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