Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Cheese Please!

We had a Saturday Seminar with Dr. Moshe Rosenberg Professor and Dairy Specialist from the Department of FoodScience and Technology at UC Davis. After a few months over in France, I was more than happy to attend the seminar and learn more about this dairy-based delicacy.
First up on the chopping block was the French Morbier. Notice the line of black ash that runs down the center of the cheese. Many stories abound at how this layer or ash came about including one half in the morning milk and the other half is the evening milk, the original cheese was dropped and the cheese monger covered up the dirt with ash and added new cheese to it, but really it is just an ancient preservation technique that became the identity of the cheese thus remains to this day.
The classic Brie, no, actually a Frommage de Meaux, or double cream Brie. Excellent example of a mellow cheese with many uses other than savoring it on a fresh baguette.
The big, bad, bold guy of the day was this Italian Gorganzola. Rotting, in a good way, with intense blue cheese flavor and a pungent aroma characteristic of gym socks hiding in your son's duffle bag. With that said, I still love these blue cheeses with all their character and might.
The seminar ended with a small tasting session. From left to right (counterclockwise), Morbier, Gruyere, Brie, and Gorganzola. Thanks to Dr. Chris Loss for bringing in a new aspect of learning regarding a very popular subject.

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Brad Cheatham said...

Hey Walnofer...

Just got all caught up with the goings on back in America. Looks like everything is going well. Keep up the blogging and sacrifice some more pigs... that seemed to help last weekend against Auburn!!!

God bless you and your beautiful new bride!