Monday, September 8, 2008

Peter L. Jacobsen - Farmer to the French Laundry

Today we had a guest speak in Intro to Gastronomy, Peter Jacobsen of Jacobsen Orchards. Mr. Jacobsen owns a highly-respected organic 1.5 acre farm in Yountville, CA. He produces exotic and super high-quality produce and fruits for none other than Thomas Kellar's French Laundry Restaurant. We were introduced to a variety of intense aromatic compounds that produced aromas unlike any I had smelled before. From Top left to Bottom right: Peach Leaves (Amaretto, Almond), Rosemary, Lavendar leaves (soapy, bitter tasting), Lavendar leaves (fresh, citrus), and Rose Geranium (roses).
Next up was the Purple Hyacinth Bean, or edible flower. These make beautiful, edible garnishes and also add a crunchy, fruity, beany, and mildly bitter addition to a dish. Other produce that we tried included wild fennel pollen seeds on a pear (use: salads or saffron sauce with fish), brown Turkey figs, Celestial figs (dessert), and Late Nail Nectarines (use: chutney or dessert).

If you need a visual to understand what is so interesting about the French Laundry , here is guy who photo reviewed his dining experience at the restaurant...............for $660 a person!

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