Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Penfolds Grange! You say Syrah, I say Shiraz.

My new job has some pretty unique benefits. That is, trying some wines that I would never get the chance to taste. This lineup consists of Australian Shiraz's. Who is that girl that I spy on the very end................ From right to left:
1. Hope Estate Shiraz, 2006 (Hunter Valley) $13
2. Buckshot Shiraz, 2005 (Heathcote) $20
3. Clonkilla Shiraz Voignier, 2005 (Canberra) $54
4. Kay Brothers Shiraz "Amery Vineyard", 2003 (McLaren Vale) $25
5. Penfolds RWT Shiraz, 2001 (Barossa Valley) $75
6. Penfolds Grange, 2001 (South Australia) $300 !!!

I found the Clonkilla Shiraz Voignier to be one of the best in the lineup, due to the blend with the Voignier that made it a little lighter and easy drinking, but the Kay Brothers had the most unique spicy caramel flavor out of the group. Who was my number one pick................
The Penfolds Shiraz of course! Holy cow, $300 a bottle. It should have tasted like spicy, melted gold and it pretty much did. So smooth and blasting with flavor. No comparison. My 1 oz tasting pour equated to $11.84................which is more than I made for the entire hour I worked before this tasting experience. Notice the pen in front pocket, that is to pay homage to my father and his need for front pockets on all his shirts, T-shirts included.

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