Sunday, September 21, 2008

Restaurant Review: In-N-Out Burger First Timer!

This Sunday after church, some of my new Napa Valley buddies decided to introduce me to the real cuisine of the valley. Not the French Laundry, not Go Fish, not even Taylor's Refresher, but the non-Arkansas based world famous In-N-Out Burger! It would be a Sunday lunch that I would not soon forget. I keep forgetting that mirror-effect on glass! Dang it!
As loyal readers, you have seen Canard Confit from Toulouse, France, Wienerschnitzel from Prutz, Austria, and even the famous Doner Kebab from Berlin, Germany, now set your sights on the Animal-style Cheeseburger with fresh cut French Fries. Animal-style you ask? Yes, it on the Secret Menu and consists of grilled onions, extra spread, and pickles. Although I am learning to cook white table cloth style cuisine, nothing is as comforting as American/California fast food at its best, for $4.93 at that. My philosophy of "food is only as good as your company" holds true again, as my new friends made the experience one to be remembered.


Anonymous said...

Now I finally recognize something being served, did it taste as good as it looks?? Susan J.

Byron said...

listen, their fries were better when they used to use trans-fat. this blog is getting interesting.