Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Culinary Institute of America WINE CLUB MEMBER

That's right, I have taken on a new social avenue as a student at the Culinary Institute of America, the Wine Club. I have seen the movie Fight Club, I was once the Vice-President of the Beta Club, I hope to never be a proud member of the Hair Club for Men, and now I happily celebrate my status as a member of the CIA-Wine Club. Our meetings are held in the lavish, Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies. This is the most incredible sensory analysis building I have ever seen. The topic for tonight was "Chardonnay from Around the World."
Here are the minutes of my first meeting (I was once the Secretary of the FBLA Club):
From left to right, front to back, we have:

1. 2005 La Crema, Healdsburg, Sonoma Coast, California $20
2. 2006 Sebastapol Vineyards, Russian River Valley, California $21
3. 2004 Vergent Pouillay-Fouissey, Northern Burgundy, France $40
4. 2007 Kim Crawford "Unoaked", New Zealand $25
5. 2006 Domaine Laroche Premiere Cru, Chablis, France $33
6. 2005 Charles Shaw "Two Buck Chuck", California $2.00
7. 2004 Vincent Giraudain Mersault Premiere Cru, Cote d'Or, France $140
8. 2005 Flowers, Sonoma Coast, California $70

We conducted a blind taste test between all of the wines and came up with our favorites. My winner was........................#3, the 2004 Vergent Pouillay-Fouissey White Burgundy. Maybe I still have a little taste of 'ole Francais on my tongue. Incredibly, #6 and #7 were secluded and tasted against each other and almost everyone preferred #6 ($2). The complexity of #7 ($140)and the powerful oak was too overpowering for our palates. So, drink with your taste buds, not with your wallet. Cheers!


byron said...

I've been drinking Brachettos all summer. How can you spend months lavishing away in Rhone and Burgandy and then come back to Cali? I'll be checking up on you for recommendations.

Congrats on the wedding. Good luck on and off the bike.

Scott Walnofer said...

Cool. Brachettos in this heat sound good to me. What's your story? Are you from the MO area originally. I raced with Jim and Cale and even TJ Erlacker back in the day.........a couple years ago. I am keen on joining some of this NoCal racing scene next year so share any info along the way. Who do you race with?