Monday, September 21, 2009

Louie Vermeil Classic at Calistoga Speedway!

Welcome to the 2009 Louie Vermeil Classic at Calistoga Speedway. With a full slate of Labor Day weekend races, the Mrs. and I headed into town to watch the festivities. If you look closely, you will see that the legendary football coach Dick Vermeil is about to take a celebratory lap in his family's old-timer sprint car. The Vermeil family has deep roots in the Calistoga area and Dick has even started a very successful winery with a tasting room in downtown Calistoga.
Speaking of wine country, what an amazing backdrop to do a little racing.
It even looks better under the lights.
For some reason, the Mrs. has an insatiable appetite for "ballpark" food (see Garlic fries below!). Of course we had to sample the Nachos and the Hot Dog, each drenched with your favorite foodservice canned chili.
Similar to my stomach, this guy wrecked out right before the last lap action. Speaking of action, check out the fun of the restart for yourself.

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