Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baguette Wars! Bouchon Bakery vs. Safeway!

My last day at Bouchon has come and gone and it has finally set in...............I will no longer be able to get delicious Bouchon Bakery bread anymore. Therefore, I am relagated to purchasing bread from my neighborhood Safeway like the rest of California.
For starters, let's compare the two. On your right, Bouchons famous baguette with its perfect braid, crispy crust, and chewy interior. On your left, Safeway's powder-crusted baguette with the sheen of shoe polish. The Safeway baguette has so much air whipped into it that the gluten has actually formed into a solid mass. Essentially they have created WonderBread in a cylindrical form. Then there is the Bouchon baguette, splendidly recreated to replicate the handcrafted crunchy, chewy baguettes via France. Oh yeah, the Bouchon baguette is only $0.25 more expensive. There is very little chance that the Mrs. will ever get the bread book out again as she has been more spoiled than me by Bouchon Bakery. Mr. Keller, will you please build a Bouchon Bakery in Calistoga......................please for the love of bread!