Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let's Go Giants!

What do you do after a year living in the Bay Area? You think you have seen everything San Francisco has to offer: Giradelli and Union Square, the Ferry Building, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge. Okay, so we haven't went to Alcatraz yet, but we have seen all of our family's pictures so it feels like we have already been there. What's left? One of the major benefits (primarily to males) of living in a metropolitan city is that most of them have professional sports teams and of course San Francisco has the Giants!
After a quick trip to Stubhub.com, the Mrs. and I were down to Vallejo to catch the Ferry into San Francisco for a little Labor Day baseball. The Giants are in the hunt for the National League wildcard so what better time to go see a game than during the pennant push.
Welcome to AT&T Park and welcome to Section 125, Row 22, Seat 5 and 6. That's right, only 22 rows up from the 3rd baseline. But buyer beware, foul ball territory! Dang it, I didn't even bring my glove.
Luckily they had one I could borrow in the outfield.
Back to the action. Today's afternoon game was the Giants vs. Padres. NorCal vs. SoCal. Not quite the rivalry as when the Dodgers come to town, but entertaining enough for a couple Cardinals fans from Arkansas. Yes Mrs. Walnofer, the Cardinals are a baseball team. They are professional, not college. They are in St. Louis. Let's just get back to watching the game, okay.
After scorching under the San Fran sun, we strolled around the ever cool AT&T Park. The stadium is quite small and there actually isn't a bad seat in the house. It's the 7th inning stretch, let's go get something to eat.
Gilroy Garlic Fries! These come with very high recommendations from several long time Giants fans. When in doubt, eat what the locals eat. I might be regretting this. Garlic fries galore! Who wouldn't love minced garlic and parsley loaded fried shoestrings. Don't be surprised if these show up on the Walnofer Thanksgiving Buffet as a contribution from the California Walnofer's.
Trust me, you will love them as much as we did. The trick to being able to eat them all is the addition of everybody's favorite condiment.............ketchup. Not only for the sweet acidity that it brings, but more for the fire dragon breath masking characteristics of the tomato.
Giants 9, Padres 4. It got a little hairy in the 9th when the Padre's put up 3 runs, but I was too busy trying to digest those garlic fries to even notice. Anyway, a big win for the Giants and a fun Labor Day for the Walnofer's.
Back to the Ferry to catch the sunset on the way home to Vallejo and then back to Calistoga. Next up, a 49ers game. No Mrs. Walnofer, that isn't hockey, it's football. You know, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young.................nevermind.

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Nate said...

OOhh, those garlic fries...how'd yall do with that? We got free tickets from work a few years back..(man back when we were dating...ages) and they did quite a number! Don't get me wrong, super tasty, just the aftermath!

Hey I meant to tell you that you could be a Profesh Blogger! You take great pics, with good tags, and its fun to read! Espically with the food stuffs, because you have the knowledge to KNOW what you're talking about!

Keep it up!